Saturday, March 22, 2014

Undone by Shannon Richards

Author: Shannon Richards
Published: February 25th, 2014


Things Paige Morrison will never understand about Mirabelle, Florida:

Why wearing red shoes makes a girl a harlot
Why a shop would ever sell something called "buck urine"
Why everywhere she goes, she runs into sexy-and infuriating-Brendan King

After losing her job, her apartment, and her boyfriend, Paige has no choice but to leave Philadelphia and move in with her retired parents. For an artsy outsider like Paige, finding her place in the tightly knit town isn't easy-until she meets Brendan, the hot mechanic who's interested in much more than Paige's car. In no time at all, Brendan helps Paige find a new job, new friends, and a happiness she wasn't sure she'd ever feel again. With Brendan by her side, Paige finally feels like she can call Mirabelle home. But when a new bombshell drops, will the couple survive, or will their love come undone?


From the first page of Undone, I was hooked. I didn’t want to stop reading. I'm not going to say it was amazing, but it was really good! The events that happened are very realistic and could happen to anyone

Paige was a quirky, sweet girl who had a bad couple of months. She went from having a job, her own apartment and a boyfriend she thought she loved and loved her back, to nothing and moving back in with her parents. After going on a job interview and her car breaks down, she finds herself at the mercy (and I use that term loosely), of Brendan the hot mechanic. At first she is judgmental and he gives it right back, but just his makes her start to fall. I think that Paige’s personality was all over the place. Sometime it was hard to keep up with her. However, she was a good character.

Brendan is a witty, carefree guy that has gone through his own share of problems. When he has the opportunity to go pick up the stranded new girl, he jumps. Their first meeting wasn't great with both being mean to the other. However, Brendan still goes out of his way to help her find a job.

Not only does she find a job, she becomes friends with Tara who is a fun loving girl and introduces her to Grace, Lula Mae, and a few other ladies. Paige starts fitting into the close knit town of Mirabelle.

Paige and Brendan slowly start falling in love with each other but like all love stories, they fight to keep their relationship alive when heartache and troubles are encountered. However like we all know, everything is worth fighting for.

Favorite Quotes:

"Until I found you, I was missing something... I just didn't know it. I didn't know my life was half full. Didn't know I was barely getting by without you." -Brendan

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