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Seeing Stars by J. Sterling

Seeing Stars
Author: J. Sterling
Published: March 11th, 2014


Walker Rhodes is a hot singing sensation who never settles down, spends too much money gambling and gets in trouble on the daily- at least if you believe all the tabloids.

Madison Myers is a hard working talent agent assistant thrust into the spotlight one day after Walker pulls her on stage during one of his concerts. She tries to stay away from him, but he keeps chasing her. He is relentless in his pursuit. The question is... WHY?!?!

Tabloid Headline Reads: Walker Rhodes pulls woman on stage during LA concert and serenades her with stars in his eyes and we watched as the sparks flew! But just who is this mystery woman who has stolen Walker's heart? And will she be the one to finally tie down our favorite womanizing gambler?

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The other 20% wish they were her!

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I'm not really sure how I feel about “Seeing stars” by J Sterling. This is the first book I read by her. I really like it when it started off. I thought Madison was a strong independent woman and when she needed to she could stand her ground. Walker seemed like a typical singer who thought the ground he walked on we golden. 

I liked the book, but it felt there was no build up. The relationship was there before you blinked. One minute Madison is standing strong and the second she is running into his arms. It was just a typical, cliché "OMG I've loved you since the time we spent together..." I just can't take books that do this seriously.

When Madison stands up to her boss i was jumping in my seat. "You go girl!!" She proved that she was a kick ass woman. However, it was all predictable.

Again... I liked the book in the beginning, but after reading the rest of the way I just felt like I was let down and everything I thought it was going to be wasn't there. I was left short of the real romance and I know not all books are going to have that, but I just couldn't take it seriously. It jumped too quickly and left too much development out. It was a short read that some may find enjoyable but I did not. I don't think I'll continue this series.

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