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Some like it Wild by M. Leighton

Some like it Wild
Author: M. Leighton
Published: March 4th, 2014


First was The Wild Ones. Now, the next book in the M. Leighton’s Wild series…

How far will a good girl go for the bad boy she loves?

Laney Holt is a preacher’s daughter. A good girl. Her only goal was to get married, have babies, and live happily ever after, just like her parents. Only that didn’t happen. The two people closest to her betrayed her, and Laney’s dreams came crashing down. Now she’s left with an empty space she doesn’t know how to fill. Until she meets Jake Theopolis, a daredevil with a death wish who has heartbreaker written all over him.

Jake has no interest in thinking beyond the here and now. All he wants out of life is the next rush, the next “feel-good” thing to keep his mind off the pain of his past. His latest rush? Showing Laney there’s more to life than being a good girl – and that going bad can be so much fun. Her only concern now is how she can ever hope to satisfy the wild side of a boy like Jake. She’s looking forward to trying. And she is Jake.


I've read other books by M. Leighton and when I read "Some Like it Wild" I wasn't disappointed at all. In this book we meet Laney, the preacher’s daughter and Jake, the town bad boy. 

One kiss can change anything... At least that's what I think. When Jake kisses Laney at a kissing booth, it leaves them wondering what could be or couldn't be. It left them both wondering more. When a death brings Laney back into Jakes life it make you wonder if that one kiss was foreshadowing of what we yet to be.

From what I got of Laney, she was a quiet, reserved girl that stayed low because her father was the town preacher. She came from a small town where everyone knew everyone's business. When her best friend messed up behind her back, and her fiancé screwed up big time, Laney found herself back in the company of Jake. At first it was just friendly encounters. She didn't want to do something she was going to regret until Jake gets her to throw caution to the wind and live a little. When another kiss from Jake starts to change her views even more she realizes she wants to be more adventurous. However, her father is more controlling than ever. He, of course in the overbearing father that wants what's best for her daughter. He thinks, like all fathers do, that he knows what she needs. When she finally tells him to back off it puts a rift in their relationship. She doesn't want that but she is tired of feeling smothered and not in control of her life because of him. Jake gives her the adventure that she has been looking for even though she doesn't realize that she had been looking for it.

Jake who at first we see as just an egotistical guy turns out to be more. His life was more than just the turns in beds they had. We see a little bit more of how she grew from dialogue that he had with Laney. She sees that there's more than just a rebellious man that caused a whole lot of ruckus. My thoughts on Jake? Holy Fire fighter! Give am a sexy, hot fire fighter any day and you'll have my head spinning ;-) Jake wants more than what he has and Laney is showing him that.

When tragedy strikes their small town, we truly see how good Jake is, how much Laney wants him and what they both do to overcome the odds. I loved this book from front to back and I would read it again in a heartbeat. I love M. Leighton's books. She always draws me in and I always finish satisfied with what I have read!

Favorite Quotes:

"So if you have any fires that need to be... put out, just let me know" - Jake

"Because trusting everyone else has gotten you nowhere. Take a chance for once in you life. Take a chance on me." - Jake

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