Saturday, October 4, 2014

Early Review for "Her Hot Number" by Talia Hunter

Her Hot Number
Author: Talia Hunter
Release Date: October 20th, 2014


One bad boy billionaire, plus one sexy geek equals one hot fling... It's a travel nightmare for mathematician Caylee Reynolds. It's bad enough that her luggage was lost en route to her conference, but when she arrives at the Australian resort and learns that she's also lost her reservation, Caylee’s ready to break down. Then things get even worse. The resort is owned by Blake Sampsonthe bad boy who once took everything from her...  Blake thought he’d left his troubled past far behind him. Then the sexy-but-proper math guru he’s never been able to forget walks into his lobby. Hoping to show Caylee he’s changed, he offers to share his suite. Except the attraction between them only grows in such close quartersexponentially.  Even though Blake’s incredibly successful—and hot—Caylee’s not sure she can risk her heart again. Not after the way he destroyed her trust when he disappeared years ago. But if she's wrong in her calculations, she could lose everything... 


I was given the privilege of ready this book early from the author. This was the first book that I had read by this author and I loved it. Before I say anything about the book…. Holy HOT Cover!! Its definitely something to look at! This book starts off with the leading lady, Caylee, having major travel problems. What she goes through is definitely everyone’s worst fear when it comes to traveling. Having had similar issues coming I was totally able to empathize with her.

Insert a man from her past that even though she didn’t want to remember him, she did. When she sees Blake, she is instantaneously brought back to the heart ache she felt when he left suddenly. Being the owner of the hotel she is staying in, he over hears the troubles that she has gone through and tries to rectify the situation. She reluctantly lets him help and hopes she doesn’t regret it.

There was fun and light hearted banter between the two which I loved and added to the chemistry. In this book, you get to watch the two characters grow closer and leaves you with the growing question of “Will it work out?” This book was a quick, fun read and I recommend it to everyone. I couldn’t put it down and I would love to read more about these two.

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