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Bad for You by Abbi Glines

Bad for You
Author: Abbi Glines
Published: April 1st, 2014


Innocence isn’t meant for the addictive…The next sultry affair in the New York Times bestselling Sea Breeze Collection by Abbi Glines is unstoppably steamy.
Addiction is part of Krit Corbin’s nature—and women have always been his favorite obsession. But that’s the life of a lead singer in a band. He can have any woman he wants—anywhere, anytime. Well, except for one.

Blythe Denton is used to being alone. The minister’s family who raised her never accepted her as their own, and the cruel minister’s wife made sure Blythe understood just how unworthy she was of love. So when she finally gets the chance to live by herself, Blythe takes it and moves into an apartment building with a loud upstairs neighbor who keeps throwing parties all night long.

It’s during one such party when Krit opens the door to find his new neighbor standing there. Blythe wants him to turn down the music, but he convinces her to stay. She’s nothing like the women who parade in and out of his apartment, but Krit can’t resist her—her brown hair, cute glasses, and sexy innocence is too much for him to ignore.

Determined to win Blythe over, Krit Corbin may have just found his biggest addiction yet.


I read “Bad for You” slowly. I always read Abbi Glines' books quickly because I'm so eager to see the characters and what else she has given us. I was not disappointed.

Krit was one of those characters that I wasn't sure whether to love or hate him. It's very hard to describe Krit. His personality is so up and down that you're not sure which way he is gonna go. What we do know... He's sexy and has great abs (hehehe). Truthfully, he had his moments where I wanted to jump through the book and give him a good slap but for the most part, I wanted to hug him. He's obviously plagued with demons from his past. I would have liked to learn more about his past that haunted him and why he did things the way he did. As we continue watching him, you see that he really does have a heart. However, he has a hard time letting people in. He doesn't let anyone get past his walls but Blythe does. She starts to break his walls into pieces.

Blythe was a naive girl that lived a sheltered life. She lived with a pastor and his wife. She lived a life full of ridicule and humiliation. When Krit started taking a liking to her and paying her attention, she was confused, no one had ever taken the time out to actually get to know her. No one had paid her mind and when they did she thought she did something wrong. At first I didn’t mind the naïveté and the shyness, but then it started to bother me. With all the attention she was getting should have started to realize everything from when she was younger was a lie.

As their relationship escalates, both of them started to grow on me. I really enjoyed the build up to their relationship. It wasn't bing bang boom... We’re together. Abbi Glines built the relationship up and took the time to show the growth of their relationship. I love that because honestly who meets someone on Monday and on Tuesday their going out. Seeing all the people from the previous Sea Breeze novels was awesome. I love being able to connect with them more and I felt that most with Trish. Her love for her brother hit home because I would do everything I could to protect my brother. Her emotions were so real to me. She was genuine enough to actually pay attention to Blythe and give her the friendship that she needed.

I really enjoyed this book and I really recommend reading it. Both characters grow on you and you cheer when things finally come together. I'm never disappointed when I read her books and that was true for this one. A great read!

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