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Review: Pocketful of Sand by M. Leighton

 Pocketful of Sand
Author: M. Leighton
Release Date: March 15th, 2015


“She was beauty for my ashes and I was hope for her heartache.” – Cole Danzer

I don’t know what makes a great love story.  Is it that instant attraction when boy meets girl?  The passionate kisses and the fairy-tale ending?  Or is it a lifetime of tragedy, paid in advance, for a few stolen moments of pure bliss? The pain and the suffering that, in the end, you can say are worth it for having found the missing piece of your soul?

The answer is:  I don’t know.  I don’t know what makes a great love story.  I only know what makes MY love story.  I only know that finding Cole when I did, when my world had dissolved into nothing, when I couldn’t separate nightmare from reality, was the only thing that saved me.  He was more broken than I was, but somehow we took each other’s shattered pieces and made a whole.  Without him, I wouldn’t have made it. If THAT is what makes a great love story, if THAT is what makes an epic romance, then mine…OURS is the greatest of them all.


** I was given an ARC to provide an Honest review. Thank you!!**

Pocketful of San is a Contemporary Romance. I’ve read books by M. Leighton and I have never been disappointed. After reading Pocketful of Sand, this is no exception. I couldn’t put the book down. I was so intrigued by the character that she has created. The whole story was beautifully written. I was instantly drawn in feeling a part of these characters seep into my bones.

You could instantly tell that there was going to be something bone shattering deep about her female lead, Eden. Eden is a strong, independent woman. She has a daughter, Emmy and se is fiercely protective of her. You can tell that her story was going to be sad. She has enough baggage to carry anyone into a new life and I’m not going to lie, I felt so sad for her. Her back story is one of sadness and heartache and you honestly cannot NOT feel bad for her. She is constantly running from her past. She does everything she can, not to be found. Her daughter Emmy is a sweetheart. The love she feels for her mother is so evident that it makes you smile. Emmy has her own little bag of troubles too and it breaks your heart when you find out what she has been through.

Cole’s past is just as devastating as Eden’s. He is completely broken and he carries the weight of his decision on his shoulders. His guilt eats him from the inside out. He has his own past that he is trying to hide from and because of it, everyone thinks he is crazy. Besides him being seemingly quiet, he is a strong passionate man. When Eden and Emmy make their way into his small town in Maine, his world is taken out from beneath his feet. They make their way into his heart and mind, breaking down the walls that he had so powerfully built it.

When the two meet, they are drawn to each other instantly. There is a pull between them that neither want to fight. The intimacy between the two? Yah… ridiculously HOT!!! I definitely went red in the face a few times! Their chemistry was so powerful.

The writing in this story seemed effortless. I enjoyed it so much. It was different from prior stories that I have read. The feel of it was so different and I thought for M. Leighton is showed how well of a writer she is. If you have any doubts about reading this book, I’m squashing them for you. This book was amazing. I’m not telling you if they achieved their happily ever after. The ending of this book leaves you reeling and you won’t know what hit you!

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