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Review: Ryley's Revenge by L.P. Dover

Ryley’s Revenge
Author: L.P. Dover
Published: December 1st, 2014

Ryley's Revenge Synopsis:

UFC Middleweight fighter, Ryley Jameson, swore it would never happen again. He was done with his ex, and over the pain she’d inflicted when she left him. At least, that’s what he tells people. Maybe if he says it enough, he’ll begin to believe it himself.

Regretting her decision to let Ryley go, Ashleigh Warren comes back into town and confronts him. Holding only one secret back, she puts the rest on the line and asks for a second chance. Too bad he’s not going to let her off easy.

Camden Jameson loves his twin brother, but his jealousy runs deep. They may be identical in looks, but that’s where the similarities end. When Ashleigh comes back into Ryley’s life, Camden has the perfect opportunity for revenge. Two birds, one stone.

A journey to the Dark Side affects them all, but only one feels the true sting of revenge.


Warning: There will be spoilers if you haven’t read “A Fighter’s Desire”

I finished Ryley’s Revenge by L.P. Dover not too long ago. I was so happy with it. When I first met Ryley in “A Fighter’s Desire” I really liked his character. Also, even though this book could be read before you read the first 3 books, I don’t recommend it. You would be a little lost. Ryley has this big tough guy exterior, but he really has a good heart. Ryley’s Revenge is a continuation of Ashleigh and Ryley’s story.

I was so upset when Ashleigh, afraid of where things could lead, leaves Ryley. Ashleigh hurts Ryley and he does what he thinks he needs to do hurt her more; including jumping into booze and women stronger than he ever has. He also throws everything he has into his training for the title, which he knows will be against his brother. I don’t think I’ve hated a Camden as much as I’ve hated a character before. When Camden starts to delve into things that change him, it causes an even bigger rift between the twins.

Ashleigh realizes that she made a mistake and Ryley knows he needs to grow a set and go get her back. They are steadily bringing their relationship to the next level and it was fun to watch it grow. Their romance was fun, sexy, romantic, and crazy. They would take one step forward and two steps back. They hit snags left and right. They powered through them. Ever relationship has its kinks, but if you love that person you make it work. You make every moment count. You fight for the important things even if it means turning your back on the people that you care about most.

We also see more of Gabby and her growing (almost not growing) relationship with Paxton. We haven’t seen much of Paxton and I’m really excited to read about him in Paxton’s Promise.

I laughed and then I wanted to throw my Nook. I smiled and loved every minute of the book. I was so happy with this finished product. This book showed that love can overcome obstacles, no matter how many there are. This book proved that the people that mean the most to you sometimes hurt you more than you could ever imagine. This series is definitely a keeper.

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