Friday, August 8, 2014

Review: Indiscretion volume 1 and 2 by Elisabeth Grace

Indiscretion Volume 1 and 2
Author: Elisabeth Grace
Release Date: August 4th, 2014

I received this book for an honest review. Thank you InkSlinger PR.


F*ck and chuck. Pump and dump. Hit it and quit it. One night stand. Didn’t matter how I branded it—that’s all she had wanted it to be. That much was clear when she left me with my pants down and my dick still out.

What she hadn’t counted on was fate intervening and our worlds colliding—again.

The day I showed back up in the life of Chloe Griffins, I knew I had to have her again. My body was hungry for another taste. Like an addict, I’d been craving another hit for months, and there she was—flesh and bone, tits and ass.

The fact that she worked for the competition should’ve been reason enough for me to leave her alone. I had a job to do that summer and f*cking Chloe wasn’t part of it. But I was like a man possessed.

I’d do whatever it took to have her again.


I was given the opportunity to read the first two volumes of indiscretion. I was really surprised when I opened the Ebooks and each volume was less than 100 pages. It was a nice change having a short book to read. Seeing how they were so short I feel like these are more novellas than books. Unless, you read both volumes together and in one sitting. 

I really liked the beginning of volume one. With most books that have this type of plot, you know that even though they had a one night stand they would see each other again.

I really liked Max's personality. He was sweet and even though it seemed like he was doing a lot to please himself, he was doing it for Chloe too. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. When we first met him I couldn't help be be drawn to felt like a take charge type of guy. Chloe is driven and passionate about her job. From what we can tell from the little we got about her background it seems like she has had a hard life. It wasn't all rainbows. After being hurt, she has put up walls and Max seems to slowly break them down.

I liked volume 1. It showed more of them and who they were as people. Volume 2 was good but I felt like I was constantly reading about sex. I'm all for sex in a relationship and I know what their relationship was supposed to be like, but seriously? It felt a little overboard.

Chloe is all about her career and making herself better and when she is given an ultimatum you can't help but feel sorry for her. However, little twists are added in and you can't help but wonder how it's going to play out.

Overall, I think the beginning of this series it's a must read. The volumes are short and sweet and you won't be disappointed. I cannot wait for the next volumes to be available to read so I can see with this dynamic couple.

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