Sunday, February 23, 2014

Unravel by Calia Read

Author: Calia Read
Published: February 16th, 2014


Six months ago, I was happy. I was simply Naomi Carradine.

One month ago, I was admitted into a psych ward.

Yesterday, Lachlan visited me. Kissed me. And told me that I'm starting to lose my mind.

Hours later, Max haunted my thoughts, reminding me I'm not crazy and that he needs my help.

A few minutes ago, I drifted further from reality, trying to unravel the past.

And now...everyone thinks I'm insane. But, I know he's real, and I know he needs me.

Do you believe me?


Okay…Mind Blown…

That is my first reaction to this story. I was immediately brought into the story and was left wondering what was real, what was a memory, and was Naomi really crazy? As much as I want to talk about this book, I literally can’t because if I even give away a little bit… I’ll give away the story.
          At first I was confused as hell when I started reading this book. I had to go back and re-read a few pages here and there just to get a grasp on things. It was more of you sitting there reading the story and trying to decipher whether or not what was going on was real. Was her memories real? Was it just a figment of her imagination just playing games with our minds?  You truly have to really pay attention and figure out what is real. This is a book that you can’t read when there are other things going on.

          From the beginning you are introduced to a girl who is trying to find herself in her own mind. She is trying to figure out where she belongs. The people that she thought were there for her abandoned her and she was left wondering where it all went wrong. There was so much story that she needed and wanted to tell and no believed her. That was what hurt the most.

          Throughout the whole story I was completely thrown for a loop. I loved the book so don’t get me wrong, but I felt lost and confused at some points. I think toward the end when it finally started to come together and the answers that I had in the beginning finally began to be answered was when my confusion lifted. This book has romance in it. Without it, I don’t think this book would have functioned without it. It’s the type of love that you need to get through. Naomi needs to focus on the type of love that she thinks she has to get by.

          I felt the ending was completely justified. There were answers that you had to go back and find for yourself; however it’s good that way. After knowing the answer, the key points that you missed earlier started making more sense. This book kept me guessing and I loved that. I like having to try a figure out the answers. I like being fooled or tricked. I like that I was kept guessing throughout the whole story. It’s a different type of story from what has been released recently. If we don’t get the ‘different’ type once in a while, everything else will get redundant. We need different stories like this. Seriously, read it. You won’t be disappointed. Your mind will be completely twisted in different directions, but it’s a good twist.

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