About Me

Hi!! My name is Kim and I'm brand new to blogging. I'm married, but my husband says I should be married to my books! I have my Masters Degree in Literacy and Cognition and I teach Pre-School right now. 

I want to be able to share my thoughts and comments about the books that I read with everyone. I read a few different genres, but I tend to stick with Children's Fiction, Teen, Young Adult, and New Adult books.  I've tried branching out and reading others but I couldn't really get into them. 

I absolutely love Thunderstorms, snow days, cats and dogs, puzzles, coloring, Disney, sunflowers and baking. I love going to the nearby park and sitting there and reading, I always a a mug of tea with me. 

My favorite series will forever and always be Harry Potter. This series will always have a special place in my heart no matter how old I get. I think if I were to chose a book boyfriend, I would chose Cam from J. Lynn's (Wait for You). Woods and Rush from Abbi Glines' (Rosemary Beach series) come in a close second and I can't choose between the two.  I also really love Aiden from Jennifer L. Armentrout's (Covenant Series) . 

Again, this is my first time ever blogging and I'm kind of nervous, so please be nice!
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